Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine? Is Chinese medicine unpleasant in taste?

Most people find that the tea is at least a little bitter and sometimes unpleasant to taste. Honey can be added as a sweetener but it is generally accepted that the benefits of the medicine far outweigh the bitter taste. Traditionally, Chinese herbs are boiled in a soup, or as a tea, to extract the essence of the herbs, which is then drunk by the patient. However, the herbal capsules make Chinese Herbal Therapy more accessible and convenient for busy, modern lifestyles.

Should I continue taking medicine prescribed by my GP?

YES. Chinese medicine in general does not conflict with Western medicine and may be used as a complementary therapy. However, please inform me about any current medications you are taking.

Instructions for preparing herbal infusion

  • Empty one packet of herbs into the pot and add at least 1000ml of cold water.
  • Insert the power plug into the power socket. The red indicator light should illuminate, showing that the pot has started operating. Set the power switch to the “fast” position.
  • When the green indicator light illuminates then the liquid medicine is ready.
  • Remove the power plug to cut off the power.
  • Strain the liquid medicine, (there should be about 1 mug to drink) and drink warm .
  • Allow the Medicine Pot to cool before cleaning. Do not immerse the pot entirely in the water for washing. You can use honey or Chinese natural sweetener in your medicine to reduce the bitterness